Vineet Siwal

Vineet Siwal

She is Singapore based Indian and a Philanthropist by thoughts, a Humanitarian, a Grass-root Social Worker and an aspiring writer with Entrepreneurial skills and very much crafty by heart. She is working on various ways to create a better, sustainable and proper livelihood to the rural of India by various skill development programs and enhancing their own skill set etc.
She has made her vision clear to bring positive changes to the society. Her foundation is under the pen to bring a massive change to drought places with donations, grants and CSR fund.
Her foundation is working efficiently along many leaders and MPs to utilize the resource to their best for making a positive impact in the society and she herself also a BJP social activist.

Earlier she was engaged as founder and director with largest manufacturing brand of luxury candles in Singapore and being crafty naturally, she sometimes teach various ways of craft activities online as well and have plans for the expansion of her hobby at entrepreneurial level.

As of now, her foundation is serving the largest
constituency of India, impacting life of 5000+ peoples 

She is also going to be voice at Women Economic Forum 2016
for India among 102 countries for sustainable life for
rural India.

Fcaebook : Click Here
Website : Click Here
Business Number: +91 9810501764

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